Date: June 5- June 29

Ages:  Age 4 - entering 6th grade

Cost: $30 Screening Fee 

           Mrs. Rudd will explain the remaining camp fees.

Description: Summer is my favorite time of year! It is the best time to address handwriting. From strengthening, fine motor, and bilateral manipulation skills that are essential to good handwriting to actual letter formation, sizing, and positioning of letters and words. Using crafts and other fun activities, this camp is a great way to catch up on skills or maintain/ enrich your skills over the summer months. A home program is included so that you can keep practicing what you have learned. 

Prior to the camp, each child needs to complete a fine motor/handwriting screening with Mrs. Rudd to identify areas of concern. She will assess fine motor skills, kindergarten readiness skills, pencil grasp and letter formation for print and/or cursive. This screening will help her to better meet the needs of each child and place them in the appropriate group. Classes will be worked around summer schedules.

If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Rudd at

(225) 931-8049 or

handwriting camp